Our Repertoire - Engaging and Meaningful

Our Repertoire - Engaging and Meaningful

Baroque 1600-1760

Hallelujah (Handel's Messiah)
Let Him Deliver Him (Handel's Messiah)
Surely he hath borne our griefs (Handel's Messiah)
For unto us a child is born (Handel's Messiah)

Classic Period 1730–1820

Kyrie (Haydn's Theresienmesse)
Gloria from Missa Teressa (Haydn's Theresienmesse)
Sanctus form Missa Teressa (Haydn's Theresienmesse)
Benedictus (Haydn's Theresienmesse)
Agnus Dei (Haydn's Theresienmesse)
Haydn's Theresienmesse
Credo Kodaly-Missa Brevis (Haydn's Theresienmesse)

Romantic Period 1780–1910

Solovutchka (Tchaikovsky)

20th century Onwards

Wintry Road Shebalin-Pushkin
I am Mindful of the Day of Judgement
Cantemus-Lajos Bárdos

Israeli  Music

Chasal Sidur Pesach
Sheleg al Iri
Earth Song

כניסה לחשבון